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Local Firewood Available for Purchase

What Happens to All The Wood From The Trees You Take Down?

We take all useable logs back to our shop and sort them into drying piles were they will sit for approximately 1-2 years. When we get time we will process the logs into 16″-18″ pieces, run them through the splitter, and then stack them into cones or piles where they will stay until they are seasoned to the correct moisture content. Once the wood is at the correct moisture reading it is ready to be sold to customers for campfires, cozy fireplace fires, and even cooking. We try to reuse as much of the tree as we can to make sure as little goes to waste as possible.
Local Firewood Available for Purchase

What Type of Wood Do I Need And How Much Do I Get?

It all comes down to what kind of fire you are planning to have and where you are planning to have it. Some wood pops and crackles more, which is nice for outdoor campfires but not as good for inside fire places. Hard wood like oak gives off more heat then soft wood like maple or pine. See our section below for a brief description and prices.

Our wood is sold by either a face cord or a full cord, and is brought by a dump truck or trailer and is dumped in your driveway or designated area. The dimensions below roughly show the quantity of wood you will receive once you have stacked it.

Face cord- 16′-18″ wide x 4ft tall x 8ft long

Full Cord ( 3 face cords)- 4ft wide x 4ft tall x 8ft long.

Local Firewood Available for Purchase

Firewood Selection

All prices list below are pending on what is in stock, and also include free delivery within 15 miles of Milton, WI.  Outside of that an additional  delivery fee will be added.

Campfire wood – usually considered a lower grade wood, consist mainly of softwoods like  maple and  pine,  Works great for someone having an outdoor fire or fire in which they are not trying to provide heat.  This is the cheapest option when it comes to firewood.

Face Cord – $125.00

Full Cord – $300.00

Mixed Hardwood – this is a mixture of commonly found hardwood trees such as ash, hard maple, birch, locust, elm.  This type of wood is used for someone that is looking to cuddle up in front of an indoor fireplace.  It gives off a good amount of heat for a reasonable price.

Face cord – $145.00

Full Cord – $360.00

Oak – this is considered the premium of heating firewood.  This is best for someone looking to heat their house, garage, or workshop.  It generates the most amount of heat.

Face Cord – $210.00

Full Cord – $550.00

Cooking wood – Usually this will be either hickory or cherry.  It is used to give flavor to what every you are grilling or smoking.

Face Cord – $145.00

Full Cord – $360.00

Outdoor boiler wood – this will be larger chunks of any type of wood found in WI.  It will only be sold by the trailer load.

Contact us for availability and price.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is an average timeline for my project?

Most jobs can be scheduled and completed once an estimate is accepted within a week or two.

Things like storm damage or emergency tree services will always be done A.S.A.P, as long as it can be done in a safe manor.

Certain jobs such as oak pruning can only be done in winter months to make sure the tree stays as healthy as possible.

What are Payment Options?

Currently we accept the following payment options:

– Check
-Credit Card
-Financing through Wisetack for larger projects

Unless otherwise stated payment is due upon completion of the job.

Service Area

We provide tree removal & tree trimming, commercial snow removal services in the following cities

Milton, WI


Edgerton, WI


Beloit, WI


Janesville, WI


Jefferson, WI


Fort Atkinson, WI


Whitewater, WI

Our Work

When you hire us to do work on your property we promise to make sure everything is done in a safe and timely manor. All employees are trained on job duties and we are fully insured with auto, liability, and workman’s comp insurance.