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Snow and Ice Management

Why Should You Hire Kobs & Roberts Services

Kobs & Roberts takes snow and ice management very seriously, if not done properly each and every time it can lead to lawsuits and lost revenues for your company. We spend countless hours building our education in the field. We are constantly investing in new equipment and techniques to make sure we are one of the best in the area. Each site we take on has a preseason walk through with the site manager to find out any special requests they might have. We then go back and create a service plan for our crews assigned to that site so they know problem areas and where to pile snow. Our goal is to have your property down to pavement in the shortest amount of time possible. When you hire us to manage your snow and ice services you can sleep well at night know your location(s) will be open for business in the morning.

Snow and Ice Management

Who we Provide Service To

We provide service to larger scale commercial clients. Shopping centers, warehouses, medical buildings, financial institutions. We work with property management companies all over the country for locations in our area. Some of these properties are 24 hr. operations and require around the clock snow removal services.

Snow and Ice Management


Thousands of dollars have been spend on equipment to make sure our crews have some of the best around. Larger loaders, compact wheel loader, ag tractors, skid loaders, and sidewalk machines are all part of our fleet to get the job done right and done efficiently. Combine those power houses with state of the are snow pushers and they are unstoppable. Our pushers range from 8ft-16ft and most of them use live edge technology, which is just a fancy way to say they form to the parking lot to get the cleanest scrape on the first past. This might not sound like much but we have cut our salt usage down 30-40% and getting better results. Not only does it save the customer money it is better for the environment also.

Snow and Ice Management

De-Icing Service

We have our own storage facility of salt on hand so we are never short on product for our customers. Our fleet of salt trucks range from small 1.5 yard pickup trucks to 5+ yard dump trucks.

Snow and Ice Management

Snow Hauling Services

Sometimes due to active winters or small snow storage areas, it is necessary to haul the snow off site or just relocate it to a different part of the site. When that time comes we have loaders and dump trucks to get this done.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is an average timeline for my project?

Most jobs can be scheduled and completed once an estimate is accepted within a week or two.

Things like storm damage or emergency tree services will always be done A.S.A.P, as long as it can be done in a safe manor.

Certain jobs such as oak pruning can only be done in winter months to make sure the tree stays as healthy as possible.

What are Payment Options?

Currently we accept the following payment options:

– Check
-Credit Card
-Financing through Wisetack for larger projects

Unless otherwise stated payment is due upon completion of the job.

Service Area

We provide tree removal & tree trimming, commercial snow removal services in the following cities

Milton, WI


Edgerton, WI


Beloit, WI


Janesville, WI


Jefferson, WI


Fort Atkinson, WI


Whitewater, WI

When you hire us to do work on your property we promise to make sure everything is done in a safe and timely manor. All employees are trained on job duties and we are fully insured with auto, liability, and workman’s comp insurance.