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Tree Care Services

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Although trimming and pruning seems like an easy task, doing a poor job can lead to the introduction of disease, parasites, unbalanced looking trees, and can be just over all be bad for the tree . Certain trees such as oaks can only be trimmed during winter months and need extra precautions when working on them. We have the knowledge and take the time to do what is best for the tree and the customer at the same time.

Tree Care Services

Tree Removal

Although we we do not like taking down trees, sometimes it is the only option. We take on every tree removal job with the up most caution and planning. When needed lowering devices and ropes are used to lower large chunks of wood down to prevent damage to customers properties. Each crew member has on safety gear including helmets with radio communication in them, these help us to communicate with each other over the loud noises on site.

Tree Care Services

Crane Removal

Sometimes the safest and most efficient way to remove a tree is with the use of a crane. We have done many removals this way and make sure that all measures are taken to keep everything safe. We hire a local crane company to handle the crane operating part of this, we work with the same company and operator for every job. Before any work is done we have a meeting so everyone is on the same page for the removal.

Tree Care Services

Stump Grinding

Once the tree is taken down you are left with an ugly stump in your yard. With our stump grinding services we will grind the stump down below the surface, take out the old wood shavings, and fill in with new soil and seed. In a month of so you will never even know there was a stump there.

Emergency Tree Work

We are available to provide Emergency Tree Removal Service in Jefferson, Beloit, Janesville and the surrounding areas.  Kobs & Roberts are ready to help you out when you have an emergency requiring tree or limb removal due to storm damage.  

When a tree falls on a house, garage or vehicle we know how important it is to remove the hazardous tree so you can get on with your life.  You can trust Kobs & Roberts with all of your tree care needs including emergency tree removal. 

Tree Care Services

Land Clearing

Looking to build a new home or just clean up a piece of your property. We can come in and save you countless hours of time, by using our heavy equipment to clear out any trees or brush you want gone.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is an average timeline for my project?

Most jobs can be scheduled and completed once an estimate is accepted within a week or two.

Things like storm damage or emergency tree services will always be done A.S.A.P, as long as it can be done in a safe manor.

Certain jobs such as oak pruning can only be done in winter months to make sure the tree stays as healthy as possible.

What are Payment Options?

Currently we accept the following payment options:

– Check
-Credit Card
-Financing through Wisetack for larger projects

Unless otherwise stated payment is due upon completion of the job.

Service Area

We provide tree removal & tree trimming, commercial snow removal services in the following cities

Milton, WI


Edgerton, WI


Beloit, WI


Janesville, WI


Jefferson, WI


Fort Atkinson, WI


Whitewater, WI

Our Work

When you hire us to do work on your property we promise to make sure everything is done in a safe and timely manor. All employees are trained on job duties and we are fully insured with auto, liability, and workman’s comp insurance.